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Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety???


People used to think that dogs destroying the furniture, barking or urinating while alone were acting out of anger or spite. This destructive behavior is often a direct response to anxiety, not your dogs attempt to get even.

A dog with separation anxiety is usually calm and well behaved around the person (or people) to whom he is most attached. But when left alone, the dog exhibits signs of anxiety such as:

  • Destructive chewing - usually at the crate, blankets or towels etc.
  • Destructive digging - most often at the door which the owner exited
  • Soiling - urination or defecation any location but generally in an open area
  • Vocalization - generally barking and whining
  • Following you from room to room
  • Become visibly upset when you get ready to leave
  • Greet you over-enthusiastically when you return.

The digging, chewing, defecation and urination are something you will notice upon your return. Vocalization is generally something the owners will not know about because the behavior stops when you return home. However, your neighbors will know.

March01You can lessen the problem by teaching your dog that it can not receive attention on demand. Train your pet to rest and sleep in its own bed or crate, rather than lying next to you. Try exercising your dog before you leave home and try to leave when your pet is preoccupied. You can also practice short departures, and then gradually increase the length of time that your dog is alone.

While separation anxiety is a common disorder, some medical problems can cause similar signs therefore make sure that you consult your veterinarian if you think your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.



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