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Starting May 31, 2016 we have a NEW pet care portal.

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Please continue to use this ONLINE PET PORTAL until 5/31/16.
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Be Part of Ark's Annual Blood Drive...

Join us for our annual blood drive October 31st, Saturday from 10:30 until 1:00 pm.

This Halloween, Ark will be doing our part to help The Blood Alliance increase donations and build awareness as we host our Annual Blood Drive. Ark will be raffling off a cat or dog annual vaccine package as well as other prizes from local vendors! Everyone that attempts to donate will receive a raffle ticket just for participating.

As you may know, our local demand for blood is increasing, and we need to keep our donor base increasing as well. If you are able to give a pint of blood, please try to do so. Even if you can not donate on 10/31, you can help by spreading the word to your friends and family and encouraging them to become blood donors. Remember, each donation can save up to three lives. One day your donation of blood could be needed to save the life of a friend or family member.

CALLING ALL Florida Gators: We encourage you to challenge your friends, neighbors and of course...any of those Georgia Bulldog fans that might be in town for the big game to come out and donate blood.

Sign-Up and schedule your donation time online today! Click here to link to The Blood Alliance website and register to donate at Ark on 10/31. If you encounter a problem registering, you can search by event code: 2271

Learn more about how you can maximize your donations and minimize your time with the ALYX donation option. You can give twice as much blood in one sitting – your plasma and saline are returned to your body the same time the blood is taken out. The ALYX Component Collection System allows two units of red blood cells to be collected during a single donation. During the donation, the donor's own plasma is returned along with saline to replace volume loss in order to make the donor more comfortable. You donate two pints instead of just one and it's all done with a smaller gauge needle.

Concerned about low hemoglobin levels? Learn more about how to increase your iron intake so that you can still donate blood.


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